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Important Notice: This site is designed, owned, run & managed by Pastor Ernest Mbanefo, Norland Leader & Diamond Level Member. Join My team and Get Full Support and make money.


Pastor Ernest Mbanefo (SA Leader & Diamond Member - Middle) with Dr. Kelvin Zheng (Norland CEO - Left) and Mr. Johnny-Chen-Shihao (Norland COO - right).

GI (Gastro-intestinal Capsules) is the most powerful of the Norland range of products.

Magical Chinese Health Products

Chinese products are fundamentally Organic, offering the most effective, harmless and result oriented product, guaranteeing Healing.

Over 1, 000,000 Members Worldwide

With over 1 Million members in 4 continents and 43 Countries around the world, Norland Family is the fastest growing Multi-level Business.

Binary Compensation Plan

With the popular Binary Compensation Plan, Norland gives you the best opportunity to earn a healthy extra income for you forever.

5 Member Entry Levels

Norland offers 5 rich and affordable Member Entry Level, including; Senior member Level, Bronze Level, Silver, Gold Level and Diamond level.

Our Norland Sandton Offices

Credibility is the cornerstone of our company and Key to Our Success in South Africa, this was further establish when we secured a prime property in Edenburg, Sandton, just off Rivonia road (Sunninghill end, behind the Mcdonald’s) as the main Norland Offices.

Our Wessels road offices has been a home for all our members, always a bee-hive of activities and product sales and collection. Aren the manager is always there to attend to everyone’s needs.

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Powerful Presentations

The first step of the Norland journey to financial freedom is the access to OR attendance of the Norland Presentations, which explains firstly THE NORLAND PRODUCTS and secondly the NORLAND COMPENSATION PLAN (this is how you earn and get paid).

Make Presentation Arrangements Today!

  • Contact Person: Pastor Ernest
  • Contact Cell No.: 073-619-6670


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Norland South Africa:

  • Norland South Africa is a member of the Norland Group.
  • Norland South Africa started operations in November 2016, but was officially launched on the 20th of May 2017 at The Maslows Hotel, Sandton, Johannesburg.
  • Norland Group is a Chinese company Founded in 2008.
  • Norland Industrial group is a large scale multinational industrial group which is involved in the health industry, medical cosmetology industry, direct selling industry and e-commerce industry. It is involved in many other areas including health management, medical services, international logistics and finance.
  • The company adheres to the vision of “Build global ecosystem of health and detoxification and make everyone benefit from health wisdom” and has taken a lead in health detoxification field.

Read more about Norland South Africa Profile

Read more about Norland South Africa Profile

Read more about Norland South Africa Profile


Bottomline about Norland:

  • Norland is a chinese company.
  • Norland manufactures Health Products.
  • Norland is direct selling Company (Multi-level Marketing – MLM)
  • Norland members are sales agents who help market, promote and sell the Norland products and get paid bonuses under the Binary Compensation Plan structure.
  • Norland pays using the Binary Compensation Plan (You may google Binary Compensation Plan to understand it better).



Attend a Business Presentation. Click HERE to have an agent arrange with you. Understand the products and the compensation plan.


Decide which products you wish to have, as you will get health products to the value of your registration amount. Click HERE for full products list.


Based on your training (from Presentation), decide from which ENTRY LEVEL you wish to join Norland. Is it Senior member (R3,000), Bronze (R6,000), Silver (R12,000), Gold (R24,000) or Diamond (R48,000).


Let your UPLINE (the person who introduced you to Norland) assist you with filling the registration. You need to get the relevant QC Codes from your UPLINE.


Using the Norland banking details, make the required payment for your chosen entry level. Click HERE for Norland Bank details.


Conclude your registration, get your chosen products and start recruiting others, which means to market the Norland Products and get paid from the different bonuses.

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  • Senior Member           – R3,000
  • Bronze Entry Level     – R6,000
  • Silver Entry Level        – R12,000
  • Gold Entry Level         – R24,000
  • Diamond Entry Level – R48,000

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  1. GI Capsule (The Most Powerful Cell Repair Organic Product).
  2. Detox Pack.
  3. Vision Vital Capsules
  4. Calcium, Iron, Zinc Capsules
  5. Magic Pan.
  6. Nouripad Health Pads (For males and females).

And others, follow link below for full list.

Get the Full list of Norland Products

Get the Full list of Norland Products

Get the Full list of Norland Products


  1. Sponsor Bonuses OR Start-Up Bonuses
  2. Group Bonuses
  3. Leadership Bonuses
  4. Repeat/Re-purchases Bonus
  5. Honourary Bonuses
  6. Benefit Bonuses



1st Car Promo Winners

Norland South Africa - Car Promo 1
Norland South Africa - Car Promo 2
Norland South Africa - Car Promo 3

1st Dubai Promo Trip

Norland South Africa - 1st Dubai Trip 1
Norland South Africa - 1st Dubai Trip 2

2nd China Promo Trip

Norland South Africa - Beijing Promo Trip 1
Norland South Africa - Beijing Promo Trip 2
Norland South Africa - Beijing Promo Trip 3

Upcoming Trip - USA

Norland South Africa - USA Trip Banner 1
  (Promo Period: 2nd August 2017 to 8th Oct 2017)
******************* Trip to US******************
6 Days 5 Nights

1. New team performance during promo period≥ 28, 000PV ; (Sponsorship Tree, not placement tree)
2. PV calculated from each of the sponsored team≤9, 000PV
3. Sponsor ≥4 down lines each in August and September

Members should be responsible for their transport to the  embassy for interview and Norland is responsible for the visa fee. If unfortunately your are rejected, Norland will either change the trip to another destination at equivalent cost or 80% of cash based on the trip budget after deducting the visa application expenses.

Norland SA


Level 1

Senior Member

$210 (R3,000)

128 PV

Level 2


$420 (R6,000)

256 PV

Level 3


$740 (R12,000)

560 PV

Level 4


$1,480 (R24,000)

1120 PV

Level 5


$2,960 (R48,000)

2240 PV

  • PV = Product Value (This is the Norland Points System Unit).
  • Upgrades are eligible within 60 days after Registration Day.
  • Upgrades are possible from Senior Member up to Gold Level.
  • Upgrades are possible from Bronze Level up to Diamond Level.

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